Brand & Grow your Business on Social Media

Instagram is now one of the most popular and influential social media platforms, and if you have your business on Instagram, I bet you’re fighting to be noticed! To stand out ahead of your competitors, here are your 4 tasks. Curate an eye-catching photo or graphic. This might sound obvious or easy, but you really […]


How to start a blog and GET PAID!

PICK A “LOOK” OR A THEME Alot of new bloggers, when they are just starting out, often don’t think about the kind of look they want for their blog. Do you want a bright, colourful theme that immediately draws attention? Or do you want a more, simple, minimalist look like the theme my blog currently […]


35 ways to Level up your Brand

New year, new you! With the new year at our finger tips, now’s the time to start implementing small changes, ie easily duplicatable habits of successful women and men, to yield big results. I’m not talking about a laundry list of resolutions to start and give up by February; I’m talking about moderate lifestyle tweaks that’ll positively […]