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#GIRLBOSS one of my favorite books, I recommend to every bad ass woman I meet. Rather you are starting your own business or just wanting to kill it in your industry, this book is full of encouraging advice. Author of GIRL BOSS< Sophia Amoruso created a $100 million business despite a misspent youth and zero business training. Now she wants to help other single-minded women make the most of their potential. Without a college degree or prior business experience, Amoruso, 29, made Nasty Gal profitable from day one because she had the instincts, discipline, and confidence to focus on the successful and ditch what didn’t work.  Its a book detailing the good (and terrible) choices that got her where she is today. The book is aimed at the young women who buy her clothes, and, despite the title, is much less about running a company than about taking charge of your own life. Here are just a few tips she recommends to the everyday #GIRLBOSS.

1. Stay true to yourself.

For Amoruso, the key to succeeding is to always follow your gut and trust yourself. “Sometimes things match up and sometimes they don’t, and you learn along the way.”

2. Filter the advice you’re given. 

“It’s important to take advice but not all of the advice. It’s good to learn from other people’s mistakes, but you have to learn from your own too,” she says.

3. Avoid the obvious path.

Looking beyond an obvious career path will open your eyes to other opporutnities, and eventually land you a position you’re truly meant for. According to Amoruso, “those things happen for a reason.”

4. Ask for feedback from your team.

“My company grew so fast that I never really had to learn how to manage anybody because the people reporting to me were C-level executives and I used to say that proudly, but I’ve learned the hard way that that’s not the case. It’s not about cracking the whip,” she explains. Everyone needs to be guided and everybody needs feedback.

5. Dress the part.

Amoruso’s jokes that her go-to outfit for work used to be high-waisted pants, but explains, “The longer you sit in high-waisted pants, the more you realize eating is really uncomfortable.” She now opts for something she’s comfortable wearing to meetings but adds, “If I’m meeting an employee for the first time, on some level I feel I have to live up to whatever a fashion company CEO looks like, so I always try a little.”